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What are seat types in SafetyCulture?

Come together as a team in SafetyCulture using a combination of full seats, lite seats, and free seats.

What are seat types?

We understand that in an organization, each team member has different responsibilities and tasks. To help organizations optimize their spending when it comes to using SafetyCulture, we offer three different seat types at varying price points:

  • Full seats

  • Lite seats

  • Free seats

This means that you only need to pay for the specific job requirements of each team member, ensuring that your investment in SafetyCulture is cost-effective and tailored to your needs.

Please note that selecting seat types is only applicable to organizations on the Premium Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Available seat types

Full seats are the foundation of a SafetyCulture organization, tailored for managers and team members that have the following responsibilities:

As a user in a full seat, they'll have full access to all features and functionalities in SafetyCulture, subject to the permissions assigned to them.

Bulk change users' seat types via the web app.

Please note that the lite seat option is currently in  as part of the Training feature. If you would like to sign up for Early Access, please register your interest and our team will contact you.

Lite seats are what you might assign to most of your frontline works and general staff, tailored for team members that have the following jobs to be done:

  • Create training content.

  • Receive training and communications.

  • View and work with assets.

  • Create tasks and report issues.

As a user in a lite seat, they'll have full access to the Training feature, with limitations around administration and inspection functionalities.

Interact with the standard lesson type via the mobile app.

Free seats are best suited for temporary workers, contractors, or anyone else who uses SafetyCulture on an ad-hoc basis. This seat type is tailored for team members with the following jobs to be done:

  • Create and complete tasks.

  • Receive communications.

As a user in a free seat, they'll have limited access to SafetyCulture features, but can still collaborate using ActionsHeads Up, and more

Create an action in an inspection report via the mobile app.

If you're tasked with adding team members to free seats, you can download our quickstart guide to find out more.

Available features for each seat type

Features / Seat type

Free seat

Lite seat

Full seat


3 Lifetime inspections

3 Lifetime inspections










Heads Up





image(PDF and web only)




image(View only)

image(View only)

image(Manage and create)



image(Create and receive)

image (Manage, create, and receive)









Frequently asked questions

You can have as many users as you need for each seat type. However, please note that full seats and lite seats incur per-seat costs as part of your organization's Premium Plan or Enterprise Plan, whereas free seats are available at no additional cost.

Yes, you can assign your team members to a combination of seat types. However, you need at least one user in a full seat to manage the administration and billing for your organzation.

As part of the feature limitations for users in lite seats and free seats, they can only be assigned the following permissions:

  • Issues management

  • Issues access

  • Sensors access

  • Course management (lite seat only)

  • Training access (lite seat only)

It means a user can only start up to 3 inspections for as long as they're in a lite seat or free seat in an organization. Once a user reaches the limit, they can request a full seat to conduct more inspections.

Request a full seat via the mobile app.

Users in free seats who are assigned actionsissues, and Heads Ups can interact with these features at a deeper level. Compared to users in free seats, external assignees have a much more restricted experience and are often anonymized in reports and Analytics.

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