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Report issues

This article shows you how to report issues via the web app and the mobile app.

What are issues?

The Issues feature allows you and your team to report things that don't look right. Be it observations, incidents, or hazards. The feature aims to empower your workers to report and collaborate with relevant teams to resolve issues as quickly as possible. As part of reporting each issue, users can capture key information such as location, weather condition, answer critical questions, and even attach photos or videos, to provide the full context.

What you'll need

Take note

  • When you report an issue whilst offline, the issue will display the location coordinates instead of the full address.

  • Comments and attachments in each issue's timeline cannot be edited or deleted.

  • Date and location of an issue cannot be edited, this information will be pulled from the device's settings.

  • You can only upload one video at a time when reporting an issue via the mobile app, but you can upload more videos later on.

  • To add more context, you can upload attachments to each issue:

    • PDF files: Up to 20MB per file

    • Photos: Up to 10MB per photo

    • Videos: Up to three minutes or 1.5GB in size per video

Issue fields

You can use the following fields for each issue to provide as much detail as possible for your team:



Title (required)

The issue title. This automatically populates with the issue category appended by the date and time the issue is reported. Allows up to 255 characters.


The issue description. Allows up to 500 characters.


The issue status. New issues by default, start with the "Open" status.


The issue category. Please note that updating the category of an issue does not trigger new alerts for the relevant groups.


The issue site.


The issue assignee. You can assign issues to anyone in your organization, which the assignees would by default receive email and app push notifications unless configured otherwise. Please note that assigning issues to yourself does not trigger notifications.


The issue priority.


The issue due date and time.

View report

The link to view the issue web report, including all details and its timeline.

Unique ID

The auto-generated unique ID of an issue. All issues get assigned with a unique ID, so you can easily locate and reference the issue you're looking for.


The issue timeline logs every change in the issue, including updates to issue title, description, status, and details. You can add comments, photos, and videos, as well as answer custom questions to work with your team in resolving the issue.

Report an issue

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Issues from the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click Plus iconReport issue on the top of the page.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter an issue title. You can add a description, as well as photos or videos of the issue to provide more context. If sites has been enabled in your organization, you can select the site as well.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. In the issue timeline, you can:

    • See the weather of the issue's location.

    • See the location of the issue.

    • Notify someone.

    • Answer custom questions.

    • Comment and upload media attachments.

    • Update issue details.

Report an issue via the web app.

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap on Issues at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Tap image at the lower-right corner of your screen.

  4. In the pop-up window, select the issue category.

  5. In the text field, enter an issue title. You can add a description, as well as photos or a video of the issue to provide more context. If sites have been added to your organization, you can select the site as well.

  6. Tap Submit.

  7. At the bottom of your screen, tap image to select the users you want to notify or select Later.

  8. In the issue timeline, you can:

    • See the weather of the issue's location.

    • See the location of the issue.

    • Comment and answer custom questions.

    • Tap Add details at the upper-right corner of your screen to provide more details.

  9. Tap image at the lower-left corner of your screen to: Extra options in an issue on the mobile app.

    • Upload media attachments.

    • Start an inspection.

    • Notify someone.

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