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What are Heads Ups?

This article provides an overview of the Heads Up feature.

Heads Ups are messages you can send to your team through SafetyCulture. With Heads Up, you can now broadcast messages, discuss announcements as a group, conduct inspectionscreate actions, and report issues all from one place.

Heads Up allows you to be confident that your team are receiving the messages you're sending because read receipts are built-in. You'll also be able to communicate with your team with no extra app, device, or set of login details!

Heads Up features

Use the web app or the mobile app to create a Heads Up message. You can add media attachments, a title, a description, assign it to team members, and request acknowledgment.

Create a Heads Up via the web app.

Start conversations to collectively build a better understanding of the topic.


Gain an overview of who's received and understood your message by checking their acknowledgment rates. You can also edit or delete existing Heads Ups.


You can send Heads Up reminders to give your team a nudge when they haven't viewed or acknowledged your message.


Want to share your message with people outside of your organization? Simply create a link to share the Heads Up with anyone.


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