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Overview: Sites

This article explains the features and benefits of the Sites feature in SafetyCulture.

Why use Sites?

Using the Sites feature allows you to track and manage the data your team captures in SafetyCulture by associating it with a particular location, project, or team. You'll be able to filter your inspection results by site, drill down into site-based trends via Analytics, set up advanced access rules, and more.

You can associate inspections, actions, training, and issues with sites. To manage site membership and analyze trends across multiple sites, you can then group these sites into higher levels such as areas and regions.

Sites features

Your sites are presented in a hierarchical structure, visually highlighting your sites and levels' relationships with each other. An organization's site hierarchy, as shown in the web app.

You can add new sites and build out each level directly from the site list. Just hover your cursor over a level and click + on the right-hand side to create new sites under the chosen level. Build your organization's site list in-line via the web app.

To more easily manage site membership and advanced access within large organisations, you can create higher levels by grouping sites. Add members to sites or levels via the web app.

You can customize your organization's site labels so that your team sees the terminology most natural to them across SafetyCulture. Customize your organization's site labels via the web app.

Streamline your access management process by giving template and inspection access based on site membership, or a combination of group and site membership.

Give advanced inspection access via the web app.

Rather than filtering by sites in Analytics or lists on the web app, you can view items, such as inspections and actions, that are associated with a site directly from its profile.

To ensure all your data is associated with sites and access rules that rely on site selection are applied, you can review inspections, actions, and issues that don't have sites selected and assign them to their relevant sites.

Rather than navigating into each site or level's profile and then into their details, you can rename them directly from the site list. Rename sites and levels from the site list via the web app.

You can delete higher levels. Note that deleting a level will also delete any sites below, so be careful before confirming deletion.

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