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Share templates with users in other organizations

Learn how to share templates or give template access to users who aren't part of your SafetyCulture organization via the web app.

How does sharing templates externally work?

We understand that you may need to occasionally work with users outside your organization and collaborate to complete inspections from templates. With SafetyCulture, you can share your templates with users from other organizations so they can follow the same flows you've built for their checks.

When sharing templates externally, your options depend on whether the user is part of an organization in the same data center as you or not.

Share a template with a user in another organization via the web app.

  • Direct access: This is available for organizations in the same data center as you. Any changes you make will be reflected across organizations in the same data center, as the same template is being used.

  • Copy: This is available for organizations in a data center different from yours. A snapshot of the template will be shared for the user to import into their account, creating it as a separate template.

If you have direct template access set up for a template, you can edit access rules to have inspection results from users in other organizations available to team members in your organization and vice versa.

Share a template with a user in another organization

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Templates from the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click the template and select Manage access in the side panel.

  4. In the access builder, click Plus iconNew access rule on the bottom of the page.

  5. In the rule panel, click the dropdown menu under "Template is available to", select User (clear) iconUsers, then click Give external access.

  6. In the pop-up window, enter the email of the other organization's user, then click Give access.

  7. Depending on whether the user is in one or more organization that's in the same data center as you or not, your options to share the template with them may differ.

  8. Click Done in the dropdown menu.

  9. Select the template Access level you want to give.

  10. Click the dropdown menu under "Inspection results will be available to" to search and select the groups or users who should have access to the inspections conducted by the external user above. Then click Done in the dropdown menu.

  11. Select the inspection Access level you want to give.

  12. Click Done in the rule panel.

  13. Click Save and apply.

  14. In the pop-up window, click No, apply to future only.

  15. This sends an email to the external user. Please note that the user must accept the invitation to confirm the external template access.


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