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Give users full access to manage or view all data

Learn how to give users full access to your organization's templates, inspections, actions, and more via the web app.

Why give full access to users?

To give full access means to provide users complete visibility or editing rights over their organization's data, including templates, inspections, actions, and more.

In SafetyCulture, you can give users full access to your organization's data without manually setting up access rules. This can be particularly useful when you have team members who need to manage all data for collaboration or an account that needs to view all data for integration pipelines so nothing gets missed in your BI tools.

Override permissions

Full access can be given by assigning one of the two following override permissions to a permission set:

  • View all data: Gives view-only access to all templates, inspections, and actions in your organization.

    • Enable for mobile app: By default, the "View all data" permission only applies to the web app, with the option to apply to the mobile app as well. Please note that the mobile app option is not available for organizations with more than 200 active templates.

  • Manage all data: Gives edit and delete access to all templates, inspections, issues, and actions in your organization. Selecting this permission automatically selects the "View all data" permission.

Override permissions can only be assigned to permission sets for full seats.

Give full access

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Click your organization name on the lower-left corner of the page and select Permissions.

  3. Create a permission set or edit an existing one. If you're creating a new permission set, ensure it's for full seats, and if you're editing an existing permission set, ensure it's already for full seats.

  4. When choosing permissions for the permission set, scroll to the "Override permissions" section and check either the "Manage all data" or "View all data" boxes accordingly.

  5. Click Create to create the permission set or Save changes to save your changes.

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