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FAQ: Probleme

In diesem Artikel finden Sie Antworten auf einige häufig gestellte Fragen zur Funktion "Probleme".

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Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

The Issues feature includes a wide range of functionalities that empowers not only frontline workers to report issues as soon as one occurs, but also the teams responsible for resolving them, as they are notified immediately.

Each issue has its own audit trail, which logs comments, media attachments, as well as field updates in real-time. This means all parties involved in the issue can collaborate in one space to resolve the problem, and once resolved, all the details and activities can be generated in a web report to be shared with relevant stakeholders.

You can use Issues on all of our supported platforms, including the web app and the mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Yes, you can! Learn how to assign permissions to only users or groups that require access to issues.

Jeder Nutzer, dem die Berechtigung "Zugriff auf Probleme", "Problemverwaltung" oder "Datenverwaltung" zugewiesen wurde, kann auf die Funktion Probleme zugreifen. Welche Probleme die Nutzer sehen können, hängt jedoch von den Zugriffseinstellungen der jeweiligen Problemkategorie ab.

Changes made to issues via the web app are saved as you go, whereas changes made to issues on the mobile app are automatic when you have a strong internet connection. If you are offline or have a poor internet connection, your changes will be saved then synced when you are back online, so other team members can see your edits.

If you see the changes made on the mobile app are not synced, you can sync your issues by making sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection, then go to the issues list in the SafetyCulture mobile app, and swipe down on the screen to sync your issues.

You can! Learn how to customize your issue notification settings in Account Settings.

Yes, it does. Updating the issue category's access settings applies to existing and future issues.

This user will lose access to all issues from this category.

Yes, you can! As all organizations have ten issue categories to use, you can delete the categories to remove them from your organization permanently.

Deleting an issue category removes the category from your organization permanently, while disabling an issue category just hides it from your team and can be enabled at any time.

You can filter and sort issues on both the web app and the mobile app.

Ja, Sie können für jedes Problem einen Link erstellen und diesen mit den Beteiligten zur Ansicht teilen, selbst wenn diese kein SafetyCulture-Konto haben.

Yes, you can! Learn how to view and share issue reports via the web app and the mobile app.

It may be that the issue has not been synced from your mobile app yet. Please make sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection, then go to the issues list in the SafetyCulture mobile app, and swipe down on the screen to sync your issues.

They stay on your list! We want you to be able to view and monitor the history of your issues, including those that have been marked as resolved. This means that if the issue was not actioned as expected, it can be easily reactivated and reassigned.

Yes, you can. This can be performed via the web app and the mobile app, and to ensure that issues are not inadvertently deleted by anyone in the team, we have restricted this ability to only users with the "Issues: Settings" or "Override permissions: Manage all data" permission. Learn how to delete issues.

Absolutely! We understand that issue management might not be relevant to every organization, so you can disable issues for your team by creating or editing a permission set without the "Issues: Settings" and "Issues: Access" permissions.

Yes, you can. We understand the need to export data from SafetyCulture every now and then, either for recording keeping or import into another platform. Learn how to export your issues to CSV (Excel) files via the web app.

Derzeit können Problemberichte nicht angepasst werden. Wenn Sie Ihre Problemberichte anpassen möchten, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen, indem Sie uns Ihr Feedback geben.

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