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Set up issue email notifications

Learn how to set up issue email notifications via the web app.

Why customize issue email notifications?

Tailor your organization's issue email notifications so that you share sensitive and private information with authorized users or groups only. This ensures everyone has the correct information to address issues effectively without compromising confidentiality.

Email notification settings

Whenever a new issue is reported for a specific category, you can ensure that only selected users or groups will receive email notifications. You can also send notifications based on a user’s group or site membership. Choose any of the following options to customize the level of detail included in these notifications:

  • Private (default): This option is selected by default. The email notification will include essential information only, specifically the issue title, category, reporter, and the date and time the issue was created.

View Private (default) issue email notification sample via the web app.

  • Summary: Select this option if you want to include the issue description, site, and location with the primary details.

View Summary issue email notification sample.

  • Detailed: Select this option to send comprehensive notifications that include all the information in the reported issue.

View Detailed issue email notification sample.

Keep your users in the loop during emergencies with Critical Alerts. Set these up for each issue category and ensure users receive notifications even when their devices are on mute or in "Do not Disturb" mode.

If you're not receiving email notifications after setting up your notification settings, please ensure that your inbox spam filter or firewall is not blocking emails from "notification@safetyculture.io".

Problem-Benachrichtigungen einrichten

  1. In der Web-App anmelden.

  2. Wählen Sie aus dem Menü auf der linken Seite Probleme aus.

  3. Wählen Sie am oberen Rand der Seite Kategorien aus.

  4. Klicken Sie auf der rechten Seite der Kategorie auf Kategorie bearbeiten .

  5. Klicken Sie unter "Benachrichtigungen" auf Benachrichtigungen bearbeiten.

  6. In der Seitenleiste unter "Benachrichtigung senden" auf das Drop-down-Menü klicken und die Nutzer, Gruppen oder Standortmitglieder auswählen, die für jedes gemeldete Problem aus dieser Kategorie benachrichtigt werden sollen.

  7. Klicken Sie auf  Speichern und anwenden.

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