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Introduction to SafetyCulture

Learn more about SafetyCulture as a workplace operations platform.

What's SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture puts power in every team member's hands, enabling them to understand what's working, what's not, and what to do about it—all from one platform.

You can unlock the potential for improvement across your workplace operations by leveraging the following features in the SafetyCulture web or mobile apps:

  • Templates: Digitize your checklists and eliminate paper processes.

  • Inspections: Fill out forms, perform an audit, or go through checklists. Capture every detail and instantly generate reports you can share with your team.

  • Schedule: Create recurring reminders and assign them to your team members for regular inspections.

  • Actions: Seamlessly manage tasks by creating and assigning them to hold the right people accountable, whether spotted during an inspection or on the go.

  • Training: Onboard and upskill teams with bite-sized training that fits into their workflow, regardless of device or location.

  • Assets: Gain visibility over your assets with real-time monitoring.

  • Issues: Make reporting easy and accessible, allowing anyone to report observations, hazards, near misses, and incidents.

  • Heads Up: Close the communication gap with your teams by consolidating workplace communications in one convenient message system.

  • Sensors: Monitor critical environmental factors to avoid stock loss, keep teams safe, and avoid downtime using supported sensors.

  • Marketplace: Simplify procurement by allowing teams to order workplace safety equipment when needed.

  • Analytics: Drive your business forward by spotting key trends and gaining visibility into your organization's productivity.

We recommend you read the "Get started" articles sequentially to understand the basics before moving on to more advanced topics.

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