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New Analytics experience

Learn the features and benefits of the new Analytics experience.

If you're interested in signing up for Early Access to the new Analytics experience, please get in touch with your customer success manager or our customer support team. We look forward to bringing this experience to all customers later this year.

Take note

  • Switching to the new Analytics experience does not affect your data, it only changes its visual representation for your organization.

  • You can only access Analytics via the web app.

Why are we introducing the new Analytics experience?

The new Analytics experience provides consistency in the data shown by limiting report creation and sharing to users with the "data access" permission. This means that Analytics can become a dependable source of truth from a data perspective. You can analyse data from your actions, issues, and inspections. We've also placed an emphasis on customization by allowing you to choose different chart types depending on the information shown.

What's new?

The new experience introduces a new homepage, listing individual Analytics reports that you can create. On this page, you'll also have the option to access the current Analytics experience, meaning you won't lose any functionality while trialing the new experience.

New Analytics experience landing page on the web app.

You can create customized reports, meaning you don't need to configure filters each time you visit Analytics or want to interpret different data sets. Once you've created the reports, you can easily access them and share them with groups in your organization.

Create Analytics reports via the web app.

Prefer a pie chart rather than a bar graph? Say no more. Now, you can change each chart's type to match your preferences. You can also adddelete, or move charts to further emphasize what's important and remove the noise. Each chart can pull data from your inspections, actions, or issues:

  • Inspection data can be aggregated by and filtered on template, status, sites or levels, or date conducted.

  • Actions data can be aggregated by and filtered on date created, priority, sites or levels, status, or template.

  • Issues data can be aggregated by and filtered on category, date created, priority, sites or levels, or status.

Customizable charts on the web app.

Easily surface data in Analytics associated with particular areas, regions, states, and countries as part of the Sites feature. With the new site selection dropdown menu, you'll no longer need to select each site manually.

Improved site selection menu and filters on the web app.

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