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What are credentials in SafetyCulture?

Learn about the Credentials feature in SafetyCulture and how to effectively manage your team's qualifications.

What are credentials in SafetyCulture?

The Credentials feature in SafetyCulture simplifies and streamlines the management of your workforce's qualifications. Whether it's certifications or external qualifications like driver's licenses and first aid courses, our platform offers a single, organized repository for them all.

Pairing with Training in SafetyCulture, Credentials ensures your teams have complete compliance. For example, a forklift operator can take a site induction course and have a forklift license as a credential for seamless on-site operations.

Credentials in SafetyCulture

Credential management

No matter the size of your workforce, you can be confident that your teams are qualified to do their work by organizing their credentials under different types.

The Credentials page showing different types of credentials on the web app.

For each credential you upload, you can also set expiration dates to identify when a user's credential is close to or has expired.

An example of a list of credentials showing different statuses (valid, expiring soon, expired) on the web app.

Credential history

We know many credentials expire and need to be renewed over time. Credential history allows you to keep a record of each version of a credential and securely retain associated media files so you have a complete history for compliance purposes.

An example of a credential's history on the web app.

If you need to track changes made to each credential version over time, you can use version activity to view who has made changes to your credential on a specific date and time.

An example of a credential version's activity on the web app.

Show credentials on site

We understand that for frontline workers, being able to show and share their credentials with the organizations they work for or with is very important. To streamline this experience, we're working on a Passport feature, allowing users to easily show their credentials on-site or share them with different organizations that request specific qualifications.

The Passport feature is currently in development, and we're excited to introduce it to customers in 2024.

A design prototype of the SafetyCulture passport feature, showing a credential, on the mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

At SafetyCulture, we prioritize your data security. Our platform employs advanced encryption and multi-layered security protocols, ensuring that your credentials are stored with the utmost protection. This means that no one apart from authorized people in your organization can access your credential media files. For extra peace of mind, you can also use the activity log to track who has interacted with credentials in your organization.

No, we currently don't support custom fields in credential types. If this is something that you would find useful, please let us know by providing your feedback.

When a credential is within 90 days of it's expiration date, it'll be marked as "Expiring soon". You can enable notifications to stay on top of renewing credentials that are about to expire.

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