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Create and conduct practical assessments

Learn how to create practical assessments via the web app.

What are practical assessments?

Practical assessments are a training course lesson type that's all about hands-on training and experience for your team members, which goes beyond traditional teaching methods. With immediate feedback and opportunities for improvement getting shared by the assessor, team members can track their progress toward mastery of the subject matter.

This lesson type is ideal for teaching a range of skills, from customer service to safety checks, and more to provide demonstration and a practical learning experience.

Conducting practical assessments for team members requires the "Training: Administration" permission.

Create a practical assessment

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Training iconTraining from the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. If you're on the "Learn" page, click Content at the top of the page and select Courses.

  4. Create a new course or click View or Edit on an existing one.

  5. If you're editing an existing course and it's published, click Edit iconEdit on the upper-right of the page.

  6. Click image on the upper-left and select Practical assessment iconPractical.

  7. At the top of the page, click Edit iconEdit to edit the practical assessment form. Edit the form for a practical assessment in a training course via the web app.

  8. Drag and drop form fields from the panel on the right-hand side to create your assessment form. For each field you drag into the form, you'll be prompted to configure its settings and data.

  9. If your form requires a signature to sign off each assessment, you can add a signature field to the end.

  10. Changes are saved automatically, and you can preview your practical assessment form by clicking Access iconPreview at the top of the page.

If your course is currently a draft, remember to publish it to make your changes available to your team.

Conduct a practical assessment

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Training iconTraining from the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click Facilitate at the top of the page and select Practical Assessments.

  4. Click the practical assessment, and click the user for whom you're conducting the practical assessment. Conduct a practical assessment for a team member via the web app.

  5. In the pop-up window, click Start practical assessment.

  6. Complete the form as the team member you're assessing demonstrates their knowledge of the training topic.

  7. Once you're ready, click Submit.

  8. In the pop-up window, choose whether to pass or fail the team member depending on their performance. You can also add feedback, which will be visible to them.

Conducting a practical assessment by scanning a team member's course QR code is currently not supported. Please follow the instructions and navigate to the team member's assessment via the web app.

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