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Estimate distance in inspections

Learn how to estimate distance in inspections via the mobile app.

Why estimate distance in inspections?

We understand that you may need to estimate the distance between objects when you conduct inspections. Rather than using a tape measure and recording distance manually, you can use our digital estimator to capture the distance between objects on the go.

Take note

  • The distance estimator feature is currently only available on the SafetyCulture mobile app for iOS devices that support augmented reality (AR).

  • The distance estimator is only available for questions using the following response types:

    • Person (title page)

    • Document number (title page)

    • Text answer

    • Number ("Number" format)

Estimate distance in an inspection

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap Inspections at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Start or edit an existing inspection.

  4. Progress through the inspection accordingly.

  5. Tap image on the right-hand side of the supported question. View available data capture options in inspections on the mobile app.

  6. Select Distance estimator from the pop-up options.

  7. Tap image at the bottom of your screen to start estimating.

  8. Slowly move your device and tap image once more to finish estimating.

  9. The estimated distance should appear at the top of your screen. If the estimated value isn't quite right, repeat from step 7 to start again.

  10. Tap Use value at the upper-right of your screen.

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