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View historical multiple-choice responses during inspections

Learn how to view historical multiple-choice responses during inspections via the mobile app.

What are historical multiple-choice responses?

Historical multiple-choice responses are an easy way for you to view the context of inspections for the same question from the same template for the same site. By analyzing past trends and identifying recurring flagged items, you gain valuable insights to pinpoint areas needing attention.

How are historical multiple-choice responses shown?

When editing an inspection, you'll find the option to view historical responses for multiple-choice questions when there are previous inspections that meet the following criteria:

  • You have access to the inspection.

  • The inspections have been marked as complete.

  • The inspections were started using the same template.

  • The inspections had the same site selected.

Historical multiple-choice responses are not available for questions in repeat sections.

View historical multiple-choice responses

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Start or edit an inspection.

  3. Make sure the site is selected for the inspection.

  4. For each multiple-choice question, tap History iconHistory or Flagged items to view the following information: The "History" button in inspections where users can see historical multiple-choice responses via the mobile app on iOS devices.

    • The selected response.

    • The date and time the response was selected.

    • Whether the selected response was a flagged response or not.

    • Media attachments uploaded to the question.

    • Notes added to the question.

  5. You can tap each historical response to view the inspection report.

If there are any responses that have been flagged in previous inspections, History iconHistory will appear as Flagged items.

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