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View inspection histories

Learn how to view inspection histories via the web app.

What are inspection histories?

Inspection history is a great way to review the information that has been added to an inspection. Within inspection history, you'll be able to see edits that have been automatically recorded. Therefore, everyone can be held accountable for what changes they have made and when they took place.

Take note

  • The feature was released on June 10th, 2018, therefore inspection edits made before this date are not available.

  • If you attempt to view the history of an inspection that was conducted or has edits made before June 10th, 2018, you may see "Historical data unavailable" or "Warning, history for this inspection may be missing".

  • Inspection histories do not include actions created in inspections and responses to questions using the "Annotation" or "Site" response types.

  • The map view allows you to review where each inspection response has been answered on a map.

The "Inspection started by" field automatically populates with the name of the inspection author. This is the user who last edited the inspection.

View an inspection history

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Inspections from the left-hand side menu.

  3. Click image on the right-hand side of the inspection and select History iconView history. View inspection history via the web app.

  4. This lists the history of all supported response types, from the latest edits on the top of the page to the start of the inspection at the bottom of the page. You can hover your cursor over the relative time labels, such as a day ago, to see the specific date and time the change was synced. View the inspection history of a specific inspection via the web app.

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