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Write asset links to NFC tags

Learn how to write asset links to NFC tags to quickly and securely share asset details with your team.

Why use NFC tags for assets?

NFC (near-field communication) tags allow fast contactless asset data transfer between devices, reducing the time and effort required for asset tracking. You can attach NFC tags to various assets, such as equipment and tools, and then simply copy the asset link from the asset profile and write the data onto the tags.

Whenever your team members are on-site, they can just use their mobile devices to scan a tag you’ve attached to an asset and view the asset profile in SafetyCulture. This approach reduces the chances of errors and streamlines asset data entry.

Your mobile device must support NFC, and you must turn the setting on before writing the asset link on the NFC tag.

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap Assets gallery view iconMore at the lower-right corner of your screen.

  3. Select Assets cube iconAssets from the list of options.

  4. Find the asset you want to add to the NFC tag.

  5. Tap image at the upper-right of your screen and select Link iconCopy asset link.

  6. Tap image at the upper-right of your screen and select Write NFC tag iconWrite NFC tag.

  7. Place the NFC tag close to your mobile device to write the asset link.

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