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View credential history

Learn how to view credential history via the web app.

What can I view in credential history?

Credential history allows you to keep a record of each version of a credential and securely retain associated media files so you have a complete history for compliance purposes.

An example of a credential's history on the web app.

In each version, you can view the following credential details:

  • Credential type

  • Issue date

  • Expiration date

  • Media files

  • The user who added the credential

View a credential's history

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Click your organization name on the lower-left corner of the page and select Users.

  3. Click the user's name.

  4. Select Credentials at the top of the page.

  5. Click image on the credential's right-hand side and select History iconView history. View a credential's history via the web app.

  6. On this page, you can see when the credential was valid by each version's issue date and expiration date.

  7. If you have the "Platform management: Credentials" permission, you can also view each credential version's details and attached media files.

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