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Capture weather details in inspections

Learn how to capture weather details in inspections via the mobile app.

Why capture weather details in inspections?

We understand that as part of the inspections you or your team need to perform, some checks may require weather conditions to be captured. Rather than observing conditions manually or going to another weather app to get the details, you can capture daily weather details in inspections based on your device's location.

What you'll need

Take note

  • Capturing weather details in inspections is only available on the iOS mobile app for devices running iOS or iPadOS 16.0 or above.

  • You can only capture weather details in questions using the "Text answer" response type using the "Paragraph" format.

Please note that this feature is currently in Early Access.

Capture weather details in an inspection

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap Inspections at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Start or edit an inspection.

  4. Progress through the inspection accordingly.

  5. Tap image on the right-hand side of the text answer question. View available data capture options in inspections on the mobile app.

  6. Select Weather from the pop-up options.

  7. Tap Use today's details to capture the weather details.

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