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Use the calculator in inspections

Learn how to use the calculator in inspections via the mobile app.

Why use a calculator in inspections?

Depending on the context of your inspections, we understand that you may need to perform calculations and use results as question responses. With SafetyCulture, you can use our built-in calculator to perform basic arithmetic on the go without leaving the app. If you have multiple number responses on an inspection page, you can even pull in those responses when using the calculator.

Take note

  • You can only use the calculator with questions using the following response types:

    • Person (title page)

    • Document number (title page)

    • Text answer

    • Number ("Number" format)

Using the calculator in an inspection

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap Inspections at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Start or edit an inspection.

  4. Progress through the inspection accordingly.

  5. Tap image on the right-side of the supported question. View available data capture options in inspections on the mobile app.

  6. Select Calculator from the pop-up options.

  7. Perform your calculations accordingly. If there's an existing number response on the same inspection page that you want to use in a calculation, tap f(x) and select that response.

  8. Tap Use value or image at the upper-right of your screen.

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