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Update actions as an external assignee

Learn how to update actions as an external assignee.

What are external assignees?

An external assignee is someone who has been assigned an action via email. If you're an external assignee, you can still update actions by changing statuses, adding comments, and uploading media attachments.

Take note

  • As an external assignee, you can only change action statuses, add comments, and upload media attachments. If an action was created from an inspection question, you'll be able to see the context but won't be able to view the inspection report.

  • You are notified via email of the actions you're assigned.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the fields that can be configured when updating actions, allowing you to provide as much detail as possible for your team.




The action status. New actions by default start with the "To Do" status.


The action timeline captures all updates or changes to the action. If you need to provide more information for people involved in the action, you can add comments and media files to the timeline. If an action was created from an inspection question, you'll also see that question in the timeline.

Update an action as an external assignee

  1. You should have received an email titled "<User that assigned you an action> via SafetyCulture".

  2. Click or tap View action in the email.

  3. This should open the action in a new web page. You can update the action by changing the status, adding comments, or uploading media attachments.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't transition the action to a certain status, this means the particular status is restricted only to selected users or groups. Please reach out to the users with the "Admin" or "data management" permission so you can transition the action to the particular status.

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