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Gateway and sensor troubleshooting guide

Take a look at some of the common troubleshooting questions to consider when your gateway or sensors appear to be disconnected or offline.

Which device is causing the issue?

We recommend first determining which device is causing the issue: the gateway or the sensors. If you have multiple sensors at your location, and they all seem to have gone offline at the same time, this is a good indication that your gateway may be the issue. If most of your sensors are working apart from one, this indicates the issue is likely with the sensor.

  • Keep in mind that if your gateway is offline, your sensors will appear offline as well. It's best to troubleshoot your gateway first before your sensors.

  • If the guide still doesn't address your concerns, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

  • For Monnit sensors and gateways, head to the relevant section in this Monnit sensors guide instead.

Gateway troubleshooting

If you haven’t, head to our self-installation guide and follow the instructions to add your gateway.

If no sensors are online, continue troubleshooting the gateway. If some of the sensors from this gateway are online, the issue is most likely with your sensors. Follow the sensor troubleshooting guide in this article to resolve the issue.

Go to where the gateway is and ensure it is plugged in and receiving power.

For Ethernet/Wi-Fi gateways, from left to right, your gateway should have a red light for power and three green lights. For Cellular Gateways, your gateway has a green light that will shift between blinking and solid green when connected.

If the lights on your device are different, please send an image of the gateway demonstrating its light pattern to our customer support team.

For cellular gateways, ensure your device is in an area with good cellular reception. If you do not see a connected status on the Sensors dashboard, consider moving the gateway.

For Ethernet/Wi-Fi gateways, ensure the internet light (the globe, second from the left) is solid green. If it is not, try an alternative ethernet port or network. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you may need to contact your IT team using the information in this support guide to allow the device to connect to your network.

If your gateway has been damaged, please get in touch with our support team to organize a replacement.

Sensor troubleshooting

If you haven't, head to our self-installation guide for your sensor, and follow the instructions to add your sensor.

This can help you identify when the disconnection may have occurred. If multiple sensors went offline at around the same time, this may indicate a gateway issue. Head to the top of this page to troubleshoot your gateway.

Your sensor may not correctly communicate if it is too far away from the gateway or has too many obstacles. Obstructions such as concrete walls and steel between the gateway and the sensor may impact the signal strength. Try moving the sensor closer to the gateway, specifically within 100m or 300ft of the gateway.

If so, it may be time to replace your batteries. Contact our support team if you need to learn about which batteries your sensors require.

Ensure the sensor is turned on and check your SafetyCulture account for readings.

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