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Das Gemtek-Gateway über Wi-Fi einrichten und verbinden

In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, wie Sie das Gemtek-Gateway über Wi-Fi einrichten und verbinden können.

Das Gemtek-Gateway über Wi-Fi einrichten und verbinden

  1. Plug the gateway into a power source, and it will turn on automatically.

  2. Add your gateway by following the first step from the guide.

  3. Once the gateway is successfully added, it will appear in the Sensoren tab. It won't appear as "Connected" as it still requires a Wi-Fi connection to be set up.

  4. Disconnect your computer from its current Wi-Fi network.

  5. Open network settings on your computer and create a new Wi-Fi network.

  6. Flip the gateway and enter the following details to complete the Wi-Fi network setup:

    • Network Name: Gateway's SSID

    • Security Type: WPA2/WPA3 Personal

    • Security Key: Gateway password Suchen Sie die SSID und das Gateway-Passwort auf der Unterseite des Gateways.

  7. Connect to the new network you've created.

  8. Open a web browser and enter "" in the address bar.

  9. Enter the below details to log in.

    • Username: admin

    • Password: Located at the bottom of the gateway (Gateway password)Anmeldeseite des Gemtek-Gateways.

  10. Click Netzwerk on the left-hand side of the page, then click WAN.

  11. Click Kabellose Netzwerk-Extension tab on the top of the page, then change the "Extender mode" to "Enable".

  12. Click SCAN, then click the "Select one" dropdown menu. Verfügbare Netzwerke von der Gemtek-Gateway-Administrationsseite aus scannen.

  13. Select the Wi-Fi network you want the gateway to be connected to, then enter the Wi-Fi password in the "Key" and click SPEICHERN on the bottom-right corner of the page. The "Save and restart wireless" icon will continue to loop, so do not wait for it to stop. Die Netzwerkänderungen auf der Gemtek-Gateway-Administrationsseite speichern.

  14. This will reset the gateway. On the gateway, The power indicator will show the red LED light, and the rest will show the green LED light.

  15. Wait one to three minutes and reconnect your computer to the previous Wi-Fi network.

  16. Go back to Sensoren tab and refresh the page.

  17. Check the connection status of the gateway.

Wenn Sie das Passwort nicht am Gateway finden können, ist das Passwort a7z4GBxxxx, mit “xxxx” ersetzt durch die letzten 4 Ziffern der EUI. Zum Beispiel:

  • EUI: 00005813d33e4a37

  • Passwort: a7z4GB4a37

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