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View quiz performance by users

Learn how to view quiz performance by users via the web app.

What are quizzes?

Quizzes (also known as Rapid Refresh) in SafetyCulture are an efficient way for you to re-engage learners who have become dormant after completing training courses. With quizzes, you can deliver tests at regular intervals to check your teams' understanding and reinforce knowledge retention. Questions can be set up using a simple Excel template, and you’ll have access to timely analytics to help understand learner and user group performance.

Training quiz data can take up to 30 minutes to sync and refresh.

We are committed to enhancing the syncing process over time, with the aim of reducing the data refresh time in the near future.

View quiz performance

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Select Training iconTraining from the menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click Analytics at the top of the page and select Rapid Refresh.

  4. On this page, there are three tabs that offer different ways of viewing your data:

    • Rapid Refresh Quizzes: This gives you an overview of the Rapid Refresh quizzes.

    • Rapid Refresh by User: This shows each user who has taken every Rapid Refresh quiz.

    • Rapid Refresh Questions by User: This shows each user's progress toward answering every question from the Rapid Refresh quizzes.

Customize how you want to view your training data using the following options:

  • Click image to narrow down your results.

  • Click image to show and hide columns in tables.

  • Click image to export the data as CSV.

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