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Build custom integrations

Learn how to build custom integrations with SafetyCulture.

Please note that depending on how you want to build a custom integration, you may need to have prior knowledge of using API clients, making cURL requests, and understanding JSON data structures.

Build custom integrations

Utilize SafetyCulture's
 open API to support your custom integrations and connect to industry-leading tools.

Building custom integrations is by far the most flexible method to integrate with SafetyCulture. How you interact with the data is entirely up to you. This section covers some of the common use cases with links to our API documentation.

To learn more about other integration methods, check out our get started with integrations guide.

This can be extremely useful if a supervisor wants an inspection to start automatically and then assign it to a team member to conduct at a particular time or on a recurring schedule.This can save time for your team and minimize human error with response prefilling. These responses could be equipment serial numbers, people's full names, inspection sites, or any relevant data.

For organizations with large numbers of inspections, automating the inspection report export process can save a tremendous amount of time for both administrators and frontline users. With this integration, inspection reports would no longer have to be sent after inspection completion manually, and records can always be kept up to date. If you have report layouts created for your templates, they too can be applied to inspection reports in the process.

Connect SafetyCulture with your Procore account to seamlessly synchronize construction projects for use within templates, and upload completed inspection reports back to the projects they belong to for safekeeping.

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