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¿Qué son los recursos?

Obtenga más información sobre la función de Recursos en SafetyCulture y transforme la forma en que se gestionan los archivos de su organización.

Esta función se encuentra actualmente en Acceso temprano. Si le interesa,  contacte con nuestro equipo de soporte técnico o con su gerente de éxito del cliente para verificar si su organización es elegible.

¿Qué son los recursos?

The Resources feature is your all-in-one solution for file management. Paper and media files can get lost in the daily shuffle, and chasing the correct versions can be difficult. You can securely store your organization’s files in SafetyCulture, sort them using folders, tags, and types, and even add bookmarks to view them again later. As you build your central repository, track and manage versions of your files and share them at any time.

View the Resources feature via the web app.

You can upload the following supported file types: JPEG/JPG, PNG, PDF, and DOCX. Each file can be up to 50 MB in size. You can also store up to 20 folders inside every folder.

Recursos en SafetyCulture

Gestionar archivos y carpetas


Access resources

Any user who adds a file or folder can access it by default. When you share your resources, you can grant users and groups either a “View” or “Edit” access. As the name suggests, any user or group with “View” access can only see the resource and cannot make any changes. The “Edit” access is useful for resources managed by multiple collaborators.

Moreover, you can transfer the ownership of a file to another user. It's useful when someone leaves a team or project, ensuring the new person in charge can control and update the file. This helps keep things organized, ensures the right people have access, and prevents important files from being left without someone to care for them.

Manage access to resources via the web app.

Añada etiquetas y tipos

Configure etiquetas para encontrar sus archivos fácilmente y tipos para categorizar aún más sus archivos. Trate las etiquetas como palabras clave que le ayuden a etiquetar y ordenar sus archivos. Puede utilizar algo descriptivo, como nombres de proyectos, meses o ubicaciones. Luego, considere los tipos como clasificaciones que aporten más contexto sobre los archivos. Algunas sugerencias son manuales, facturas e informes.

Add tags and types for resources via the web app.

Marque como favoritos y señale recursos

Bookmark files you frequently reference or need swift access to. It’s a convenient way to limit scrolling through your entire list of resources and jump straight to a specific file when needed. You can also flag files for review to communicate to your team which ones need to be prioritized and to be transparent about other ongoing discussions.

Marque como favoritos y señale recursos a través de la aplicación web.

Use version control

Version control is important for managing your files because you can track changes made to them over time, maintain a history of edits, and even go back to a stable version if there are issues with the latest copy.

Version control in Resources via the web app.

Download resources

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