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Upload photos via the web app with Windows devices

Learn how to upload photos when conducting inspections via the web app with Windows devices, such as Surface Pro tablets, which support taking photos on the go.

Take note

  • You can use the web app on Windows devices, although we recommend using the SafetyCulture mobile app for Android and iOS devices where possible.

  • Make sure your Windows device is connected to the internet when using the web app, as it's cloud-based and saves changes as you go.

Take and upload a photo to an inspection question

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Start or edit an inspection.

  3. Use the "Camera" application on your device to take the photo, then save it.

  4. Select the question in the inspection. Depending on the question's response type, click Attach media iconAttach media or Add media (web) iconAdd media.

  5. This opens a window to your computer file directory.

  6. Select the photo you saved and click or tap Open to attach it to the question.

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