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Trial with pilot users

Learn more about forming pilot users who will review your organization in SafetyCulture.

Who are my pilot users?

It's best practice to allow a smaller subset of your future end users to test out the SafetyCulture platform themselves. Select pilot users from different departments or teams representing various organizational roles and responsibilities. They often include early adopters, users who understand your workflows well and are willing to provide valuable feedback about their experience with the app.

Engaging your pilot users in testing SafetyCulture helps you confirm that the setup you have done so far would work for teams who will eventually use the app daily. Your pilot users serve as your first advocates when you onboard new users or navigate through change management during the platform's launch in your organization.

Trial with pilot users

Let's go through the process of forming your pilot users and meeting them to discuss expectations.

1. Get at least 25% of your expected users. For example, if you want to onboard 20 users to SafetyCulture, ensure you have at least five pilot users.

2. Select pilot users from different roles and tasks in your business to perform tests in the platform accordingly.

  • If you have multiple digitized checklists to test, assign at least one user to conduct each inspection and test its usability.

  • Have at least one administrator to review things like permissions and notifications for inspections.

3. Prepare a comprehensive list of scenarios you would test and meet your pilot team. Remember, during this testing phase, you are taking a closer look at your SafetCulture setup, digitized checklists or templates you created, and training content you have already converted. Anything outside your list may be considered nice-to-haves, and you can evaluate them later.

4. Encourage your pilot users to use the platform as they would in the field. It's preferable that they conduct their test inspections while on site so they can try it out as close to reality as possible.

5. Allow one to two weeks for testing, depending on your pilot users' availability and when they can test the scenarios using the platform.

6. Reconvene with your pilot users to review and discuss feedback collaboratively.

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