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Onboard new users

Learn how to help your team discover everything they need to know about SafetyCulture, including techniques to structure your hands-on training sessions to guarantee that they're empowered to use the app independently.

How do I onboard my team in SafetyCulture?

Introduce your team to the SafetyCulture platform by conducting training sessions about using the web and mobile apps, performing tasks specific to their roles, and maximizing features to enhance everyone’s efficiency and productivity. These sessions can be more efficient if users share common roles, responsibilities, and workflows.

Guidelines for onboarding

Let's go through the following guidelines to help you kickstart the onboarding process smoothly.

  • Advise your team to have their devices ready to download and install the SafetyCulture app. Set clear expectations that they will actively use and explore the app during the session.

  • Record the session if you can. This way, you can refer back to it when you eventually need to train more members.

  • Prepare 2-3 exercises, like assigning an action or an issue to someone in the room, and offer support as they practice. Ease them into using the platform and encourage them to ask questions.

  • Before the session ends, allot 5-10 minutes for your team to start inspections and then continuously gather feedback to improve the onboarding process.

Conduct separate onboarding sessions with administrators who will manage your organization. Select users who will create templates and even training content eventually. Include managers and supervisors who might also track analytics on top of their team's tasks in the app.

Topics for discussion

We recommend you start with the following topics covering the most important tasks your team members will perform on the platform.

Share the Frontline User Training Guide with your team after your onboarding sessions, so they have something they can refer back to.

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