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Test your SafetyCulture setup

Learn more about reviewing and testing your SafetyCulture setup before introducing the platform to your organization.

Why do I have to test my setup?

Before you roll out SafetyCulture to your entire organization, it's important you review and test your setup with select users for several reasons. Firstly, this phase allows you to verify that all features and functionalities align with your different teams' specific needs and workflows. Secondly, it helps you spot any inconsistencies or concerns with your customizations. Finally, you can gather feedback and insights that you can use to refine and optimize your setup ahead of everyone using it.

Review your organization

During the testing phase, involve individuals from various roles within your organization, which we will refer to as our pilot users. They typically include administrators responsible for managing the platform, users representing different departments or teams, and other members overseeing technical aspects of your setup. You and your selected participants can break down this process into the same three areas you had initially worked on when you prepared your organization.

1. Organizational setup

You would like to start by reviewing the groups, sites, permissions, and users that you have so far. Confirm that these are the final setup you will be moving forward with.

  • For groups and sites, check if you have added the correct users. Use the group matrix or site matrix to add more users to groups or sites, respectively.

  • For permissions, look at which ones you granted to each user or group more closely to ensure they have only what's absolutely necessary for their respective roles. If you have to, consider changing their permission sets.

  • Apart from verifying which groups and sites your users belong to and which permissions they have, you may want to manage other user account settings, such as their seat types, time zones, and even notifications.

2. Digitized checklists

Next, validate the checklists you have already converted into templates in SafetyCulture. Keep in mind that templates define your team's daily workflow, structure how your reports look, and shape how the data your team captures is presented.

  • Go through the templates you have created. See that your questions are formatted correctly, each type of response fits each question, and you added sections and pages where necessary.

  • Review the customizations you have applied to your report layouts.

  • Check if the right users and groups have access to your templates.

  • Conduct inspections using your new templates to see if they are suitable for your users and tailored to their everyday requirements and tasks.

  • Pay attention to the logic fields you have added and test each scenario to avoid errors during live inspections.

3. Converted training content

If you had a go at the Training feature and created courses and lessons or even quizzes for your team, it's best to review them at this point as well.

Try our free course library that has over 1,000 customizable courses, helping you get the training your team needs into their hands faster.

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