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What are Early Access features?

Learn more about Early Access features and take a look at the current Early Access features in SafetyCulture.

What are Early Access features?

An Early Access feature is a feature that's ready to be used, but still undergoing fine-tuning as we:

  • Capture more feedback and refine the feature.

  • Find the market fit for the problem it's trying to solve.

  • Release the feature in phases to minimize the impact should problems come up.

Depending on the case, we may release an Early Access feature either only to certain organizations or to all customers on an opt-in basis.

Enable or disable an Early Access feature

  1. Open the mobile app.

  2. Tap Assets gallery view iconMore at the lower-right corner of your screen.

  3. Select Settings from the list of options.

  4. Scroll to the "Early Access features" section to enable or disable the Early Access feature. If you're using an Android device, close the SafetyCulture app and re-open it to apply the changes.

Enabling or disabling Early Access features via mobile app settings is device-specific, meaning changes you make on one device won't apply to another.

Feature list

We regularly update the list to outline current Early Access features.



New Analytics experience

Give groups access to consistent data across your organization by sharing Analytics reports containing specifically customized charts.

Inspection response locations

Review where each response was answered in a map view in addition to tracking the recorded time of each response with inspection history.

Capture weather details in inspections

Get accurate weather details as responses to your inspection questions, instead of relying on manual observations or going to another app for weather information.

Multi-language templates

Localize your multilingual team's inspection experience by managing template translations.

New issue profile

The new issue profile is a redesigned incident management space, which you and your team can use to collaborate on the daily challenges you face in your business.

Create training from flagged item trends

Leverage flagged items in inspections to detect trends, then utilize our Training feature to proactively develop targeted courses for your team, fostering improvement in flagged areas instead of merely highlighting them.


A central repository to manage your organization's files in SafetyCulture.

New camera experience

Try the new camera when taking photos in the SafetyCulture mobile app for improved usability and functionalities. This feature is currently only available on Android.

Training matrix

The training matrix provides a comprehensive view of mandatory training and competencies for your workforce, helping you ensure that each user, group, or site is compliant with its training requirements.

Convert PPT, PDF, and DOCX files to training courses

Convert existing PPT, PDF, and DOCX training materials into interactive, bite-size training courses with the help of AI.

Frequently asked questions

You can expect new ways to use SafetyCulture and may find looks and flows change on short notice as we release iterations.

On occasion, you may also encounter some bugs that require attention. In these scenarios, please help us fix these bugs by letting our customer support team know.

Depending on how well a feature was received in its Early Access period, we may decide to continue building it into a full-fledged feature, or we may decide to remove it from the product entirely.

You can tell if a feature is in Early Access by the following tag:

The Early Access tag via the web app.

You can find and click the Send feedback button on the upper-right corner of most pages to provide feedback.

That depends on the feature. For some features, you can enable the feature via mobile app settings by yourself. While for some other features, we may invite you to participate if your organization fits our criteria, so keep an eye out for emails from SafetyCulture.

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