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FAQ: Inspection report visual changes

Take a look at the answers to some of the frequently asked questions on our visual changes to your exported PDF and Word inspection reports.

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What are the visual changes?

In October 2023, we made the following visual changes to exported PDF and Word reports:

  • Text: Consistency of text font sizes and styles throughout the report, including:

  • Page titles and sections: Differentiating page titles and sections with a pale blue background.

  • Question labels: Alignment of question labels to the left-hand side of each page, and alignment of responses to the right-hand side except for "Text answer: Paragraph" responses.

  • Presentation:

    • Horizontal presentation of text answers in the short answer format, multiple choice responses, and custom and global response sets with more than 500 characters including spaces.

    • Horizontal presentation of text answers in the paragraph format.

  • Media summary: A new section within the media summary dedicated to PDF and video attachment links.

A screenshot showing a side-by-side comparison of existing and new inspection report visual changes.

If you'd like to compare the before and after in detail, you can download the following sample PDF reports:

Frequently asked questions

The visual changes aim to improve inspection reports in the following areas based on customer feedback:

  • Reduce unnecessary white space within exported reports.

  • Reduce the length of exported reports.

  • Make exported reports easier to read.

The visual changes also resolve some problems, such as question labels being incorrectly formatted and content being omitted. As part of the change, we’ve also improved the reliability of the report exporting experience.

If you export a report that you previously exported before the visual change, the new report will be exported with the new look.

No, it’s not possible, as it’s not feasible for us to maintain multiple visualization experiences. If there is something that you liked about the previous visualization, please let us know by providing your feedback.

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