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Cancel pending invites

Learn how to cancel pending invites via the web app.

Why cancel pending invites?

Organization invites become pending when the invitee already has an SafetyCulture account. If a user no longer requires an invitation to your organization, you can cancel their pending invite. This can be helpful when your organization has a limited number of full seats available, as invites are also counted toward seat usage.

Cancel a pending invite

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Click your organization name on the lower-left corner of the page and select Users.

  3. Click View invites in the banner on the top of the page. If the banner is not available, there are no pending invites. Check pending invites in your organization via the web app.

  4. Click image on the left-hand side of the pending invite you want to cancel and select Cancel invitation. Cancel pending invitations via the web app.

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